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Overcoming an addiction to alcohol or drugs is rarely an easy process. Even in cases where individuals have a strong desire to end their chemical dependency, the disease of addiction, combined with the stresses of life, can create what feels like and overwhelming obstacle. A substance abuse treatment evaluation with treatment recommendations is what identifies the best level of personalized addiction treatment for clients, which in return provides them with the best chance at achieving a lifelong recovery!

Professional Drug Abuse and Addiction Treatment Evaluations

Bayside Marin’s professional substance abuse evaluation for alcohol or drug abuse is the process used to understand the substance abuse problem, and to make treatment recommendations that can begin replacing fear and helplessness with a systematic recovery plan for overcoming the addiction. The substance abuse treatment recommendations that Bayside’s professional treatment staff make aren’t “cookie-cutter” plans – they are personalized recovery plans based upon each individual’s unique strengths and needs.

Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Evaluation Program

A substance abuse evaluation at Bayside Marin is a 3-day residential inpatient program that allows us to determine the nature and severity of an individual’s substance abuse problem. Once completed comprehensive substance abuse treatment recommendations are provided to the client. In other words, our goal for an alcohol or drug abuse evaluation at Bayside Marin is to ensure that we understand the unique nature of each client’s addictions so that the substance abuse treatment recommendations that we make can be highly personalized to the client. Substance abuse evaluations are a powerful early step in overcoming an addiction and achieving lifelong recovery.

Bayside Marin’s Treatment Philosophy

Bayside Marin’s treatment philosophy is based upon a strong belief that we don’t treat diseases – we treat men and women who are struggling to overcome the challenging disease of addiction. Because of this philosophy, we treat each client as a unique individual who is deserving of a personalized treatment plan that is designed to meet their specific needs.

What Does a Substance Abuse Evaluation Consists of:

  • A physical examination, psychological testing and a psychiatric evaluation (if indicated), all conducted by our staff of licensed physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists
  • Assessment testing utilizing nationally recognized and validated screening tools
  • A psychosocial evaluation by a Master’s level Addiction Specialist
  • Observation for mood, behavior and mental status
  • Clinical interview and abuse evaluation (to gather information and assess client responses and reactions)
    • Family background
    • Social history
    • Legal history
    • Health history
    • Mental health and substance abuse history
  • A written clinical summary and substance abuse treatment recommendations for rehabilitation treatment

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