A Typical Day

A Typical Day at Bayside


Therapists Facilitate New Introductions and Personal Growth

The setting at Bayside Marin is peaceful and serene, creating an environment where our staff and clients can fully commit to the work of recovery. Our residences overlook the entire San Francisco Bay and Mt. Tamalpais. You are likely to see roaming deer, rabbits, squirrels, blooming orchards and soaring hawks as you catch the sunrise.The treatment days at Bayside Marin are filled with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Following a healthy and hearty breakfast, each morning begins with our morning “check-in” meeting that describes the activities of the day. 

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A typical day at Bayside Marin consists of:

  • Morning Check-In Group
  • Education Sessions
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong
  • Therapeutic Massage or Acupuncture
  • Sober Fun Activities
  • Personal Training Session at the Gym
  • Outside Self-Help Support Group Meeting
  • Chef-Prepared Gourmet Meals

We also offer creative therapy activities such as a Native American talking circle, an intensive session of psychodrama, biofeedback and creative art therapy.


In the evenings, clients will attend self-help support group meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, SMART Recovery or LifeRing. The days end with evening closure groups that provide a summary of the day and words of encouragement to begin again tomorrow.

Family Program

The Bayside Marin Family Program takes place on the first and third weekend of every month. Family and loved ones are strongly encouraged to attend Friday through Sunday. These sessions will be informative for families and provide a forum for the necessary family work to begin.

Family members will learn how to become part of the client’s relapse prevention plan and be assisted in identifying and developing healthy boundaries and recovery goals for themselves. In addition to the Family Program, private family therapy sessions are scheduled as needed.

Residential Treatment Schedule

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