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Elisa Reubens, MFT

Primary Therapist

Elisa received her MS in Clinical Psychology from Dominican University in 1997. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with expertise in the field of addiction. Elisa has been practicing in the mental health field in a variety of settings including schools, residential and out-patient settings.

Elisa sees her work in residential treatment as an opportunity to build a skillset necessary for continuing the journey of recovery. She believes in working collaboratively with her clients to understand their personal narrative and how they perceive the world around them. Elisa uses DBT, Mindfulness and CBT to help the client to experience situations in a more positive way that supports sustained recovery. Learning practical and safe coping skills is also a priority.

Elisa loves working in recovery. “It’s amazing to see the transformation in early recovery clients. I’m proud to be part of something that helps people turn their lives around.”

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I really enjoyed my stay and treatment here. I felt safe to practice new coping skills and had the time and the ability to reflect on my emotions, triggers, and old behavior patterns.

– Anonymous Client
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