Our Staff

Elisa Reubens, LMFT

Assistant Clinical Director

Elisa joined Bayside in 2015 and brings extensive experience and compassion to her work. With an MS in counseling psychology from Dominican University earned in 1997, she initially focused on helping underserved children, families, and couples. Inspired by her personal journey in sobriety, Elisa transitioned to treating young men in a local residential recovery program.

Utilizing a range of therapeutic techniques including Mindfulness, CBT, and Motivational Interviewing, Elisa fosters lasting change for her clients at Bayside. She takes pride in modeling healthy communication, radical compassion, and acceptance, finding fulfillment in witnessing their growth and transformations. Her deep understanding of family dynamics and warm personality make her an invaluable asset to both clients and teammates.

Elisa, a Bay Area native, finds joy in living, working, and raising her family in her hometown. Outside of her professional endeavors, she indulges in outdoor activities such as fishing, cooking, and spending cherished moments with her family and friends.

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