A Message From Our CEO

Welcome to Bayside Marin’s website, and hopefully to the start of your journey to recovery and health.

I am aware that many people who browse our website are probably struggling with their own difficulties related to substance or alcohol use, or have a loved one who is. I would like to take a moment to express how honored we are that you would consider Bayside Marin to assist you with such an important concern.

We understand the difficulty, pain, frustration, and confusion that substance and alcohol use can bring to an individual’s life, as well as their family and friends. We also understand how choosing a treatment program can be stressful and frightening, and that it is difficult to know who you can trust in these matters.

By the time a person seeks detox, residential or intensive outpatient treatment, they are experiencing a true medical emergency. From their first phone call to admissions to the alumni events they will attend years later, we must consistently foster a culture of safety, respect, comfort, and hope. We must adhere to these principles in our physical environment, in our programming, in interactions with and between employees, and, most importantly, in witnessing the successful transition of our clients into long-term recovery.

Bayside Marin, as well as other recognized leaders in the industry, also know that improvement is the key to success and that we must always be looking forward, staying current with the research and science, engaging industry experts, and continuously seeking feedback from clients and those involved in our treatment program. We must challenge ourselves to become better each day, in order to lead the industry in taking the next step towards finding the key to conquering the confounding and cruel diseases we treat.

While this website can be helpful in providing you with information about our program, I hope you will take the time to reach out to one of our staff members, who are both knowledgeable and compassionate. We would love to be an advocate in your journey to recovery.

I appreciate you taking the time to consider us. Regardless of whether you choose Bayside Marin or not, I want to commend your bravery and fortitude for striving for improvement and change. My hope for you is that you will continue with this positive momentum, and find the healthy and happy life you seek.

If you would like to learn more about Bayside’s program, please feel free to call us at (844) 642-1075 or email Bayside-admissions@baysidemarin.com.

On behalf of the entire Bayside Marin team, I wish you all the best.


Mark Sawyer

Bayside Marin CEO

I really enjoyed my stay and treatment here. I felt safe to practice new coping skills and had the time and the ability to reflect on my emotions, triggers, and old behavior patterns.

– Anonymous Client
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