Exclusive Addiction Treatment for Licensed Professionals

Licensed professionals whose mission it is to care for others are subjected to significant workplace stressors. As a result, their specialties can bring added vulnerability to substance misuse and behavioral health issues. This can also come from greater than normal competitive pressures in the workplace, easy access to medications, and more.

Professions Facing Different Risks

Physicians: Medical doctors and residents are at high risk of suicide and burnout, particularly those in primary care (Gunter, 2016; Baker, 2016)

Nurses: Nurses report elevated rates of prescription-type drug abuse (Trinkoff & Storr, 1998) and those considered high risk were employed and not involved in treatment (Kunyk, 2015)

Dentists: Substance misuse among dentists has been connected to the work environment, such as isolation, access to controlled substances, the knowledge of how drugs work, and an office in which to use (Fung & Lange, 2011)

Lawyers: Attorneys experience mental health issues and misuse alcohol in hazardous and harmful ways more than other professional groups (Krill, Johnson and & Albert, 2016)

Veterinarians: Concerning levels of depression and suicide among veterinarians is believed to be connected to substance use disorders (Geller & Kogan, 2015)

Bayside Marin Residential Treatment Program

Our staff understands the implications of such risk factors and create individualized detox protocols, as well as treatment and continuing care plans designed to address the licensed professionals’ unique needs. By combining tested techniques with evidence-based advances, our highly trained and seasoned clinicians are uniquely positioned to assist in defining each client’s recovery plan and managing return to work considerations.

Bayside Marin Philisophy

The Licensed Professionals Services (LPS) at Bayside Marin is uniquely tailored to assist and help repair professionals’ personal and professional lives from the effects of substance misuse and behavioral health issues. Our specialized curriculum was designed to address the barriers to care and unique challenges such individuals face. Bayside Marin is known for its holistic client-centered care, having a 3-1 staff to client ratio and providing a concierge quality of service.

Our distinctive 5-Phase Treatment Model is the result of decades of experience in the field of recovery. By guiding clients through each phase, i.e., Incentive, Awareness, Support, Vigilance and Preparation, our clinical teams helps individuals build a healthy foundation for the future.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Team includes a wide range of professionals with extensive experience.

• ASAM/ABAM Certified Medical Director
• Board Certified Psychiatrist
• Clinical Psychologists
• Masters Level Clinicians
• Addiction Counselors
• Registered Nurses and LVNs
• Nurse Practitioners and a Physician Assistant

Family Program: Our bi-weekly, two-day intensive workshop featuring education, group activities, peer support and new learning. Family and collateral contact input is sought from family, significant others, colleagues and employers are included in the assessment process and, when appropriate, is ongoing during the course of treatment.

Coordination of Care and Continuing Care: We works closely with peer assistance and professionals program care managers, monitoring agencies, employee assistance programs, and employers to document progress and submit required paperwork to support public safety and an appropriate return to work or practice plan.

Ongoing Support: Our robust Alumni Program program includes weekly meetings, as well as events and activities, to support recovery. The Recovery Choice® mobile app and call back program provides frequent contact during the first year and monitors outcomes. The Recovery Renewal option allows our graduates to return to residential care to participate in 2 days of treatment at NO COST. They will meet with a member of the staff for an individual session and are included in the current client community.

Five stars, hands down. They saved my life, and I am forever grateful.

– Anonymous Client
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