Silicon Valley Exclusive Addiction Treatment

Bayside Marin offers an array of treatment programs throughout Silicon Valley in northern California. Our programs provide clients with the services, education, and support they need to achieve long-term recovery from addiction while empowering them to fully engage in a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Exclusive Treatment Experience Near Silicon Valley

Bayside Marin provides world-class residential care in an exclusive atmosphere along the stunning Pacific coast of northern California. Our estate is housed on a beautiful property overlooking San Francisco Bay, which makes our treatment center an optimal healing destination for adults throughout the Silicon Valley.

When you choose Bayside Marin, you’ll benefit from Silicon Valley’s premier treatment experience. You’ll receive a customized treatment plan, work with a team of experienced professionals, and have the comprehensive support you need to overcome all the obstacles that have been preventing you from achieving to your greatest potential.

If you live and work in Silicon Valley, Bayside Marin is just a short drive from home. If you are coming from elsewhere in the United States, you will have the opportunity to heal in one of our nation’s most prestigious areas. If you’ve been searching for a superior addiction treatment experience in Silicon Valley, Bayside Marin may be the perfect place for you. To learn more, contact us at your convenience.


Many people who need comprehensive treatment for addiction in the Silicon Valley area have been incapable of ending their substance use due to the physical and psychological pain of withdrawal. When you choose Bayside Marin, you can complete nonhospital detoxification under the close supervision of our team of detox experts.

Completing detox at our location in Silicon Valley allows you to get through the withdrawal process with maximum safety and minimal discomfort. You’ll benefit from 24-hour care throughout your time in detox, which typically takes about seven days. Depending upon your needs and preferences, you can even begin to participate in therapy while you’re still in detox.

Once you complete detox, you can transition directly to our residential addiction treatment program without having to leave our beautiful estate in northern California’s Silicon Valley. Transitioning directly to residential programming ensures coordination of care, protects you from immediate relapse, and increases your ability to gain a strong foothold in early recovery.

Residential Treatment near Silicon Valley

Residential rehabilitation at Bayside Marin is a comprehensive, personalized process. We’ll help you to identify, address, and overcome the obstacles that may have pushed you into substance use in the first place, and we’ll teach you how to avoid or deal with triggers that may threaten to undermine your continued sobriety.

Each person who completes residential rehab at Bayside Marin in Silicon Valley has a unique experience. You’ll complete a thorough assessment to identify your strengths, needs, and goals, and we’ll use that information to create a personalized treatment plan designed specifically for you.

Depending upon a host of personal factors, your time in our Silicon Valley addiction rehab program may include the following elements:

  • Medication management services
  • Individual therapy
  • Couples or family therapy
  • Family programming
  • Group therapy
  • Experiential therapies

Addiction treatment at our center in Silicon Valley incorporates a wide variety of evidence-based, research-supported interventions. We’ll select the services that best match your needs, and we’ll customize them to provide maximum benefit. Throughout your time at Bayside Marin, your team will continue to monitor and, if necessary, revise your personalized plan to ensure that it is preparing you for long-term success.

Following the completion of your stay at our Silicon Valley addiction treatment center, you’ll receive a detailed discharge plan to guide your continued recovery. Depending upon your progress and needs, this plan may contain referrals for step-down programming, information about community-based organizations, connections with peer support groups, and other resources that will be of greatest service to you in the weeks and months to come.

Outpatient Treatment Services

If you can benefit from outpatient treatment after you’ve finished our residential program, or if your needs are not severe enough to require a higher level of care, Bayside Marin also offers outpatient care at a convenient location in Silicon Valley.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) meets three to four days per week in San Rafael, CA, with morning and evening sessions available. IOP provides you with a strong connection to clinical support while also offering you the flexibility to return to work, attend school, or otherwise begin to more fully engage in a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Unlike our residential program, which features round-the-clock services, IOP only requires your participation for a few hours a day, a few days per week. Most people who take part in our IOP services for addiction in Silicon Valley remain in the program for about 10 weeks, but the amount of time that you stay with us will be determined solely by your needs, progress, and preferences.

In addition to therapy, education, and family programming, our IOP in Silicon Valley also features yoga, meditation, and acupuncture; gym, pool, and sauna sessions; and referrals to support groups including AA/NA, LifeRing, and SMART Recovery.

If you or someone you care about can benefit from residential or outpatient addiction treatment in Silicon Valley, call Bayside Marin today. A knowledgeable member of our team is available to answer all your questions and help you determine if Bayside Marin is the perfect place for you.

Five stars, hands down. They saved my life, and I am forever grateful.

– Anonymous Client
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