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Located in the serene hills of San Rafael, Bayside Marin is California’s premier rehabilitation center dedicated to the treatment of cocaine addiction. Bayside Marin blends evidence-based treatments with alternative, holistic modalities to comprehensively treat all aspects of our client’s life.

Learn More About Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Learn more about cocaine addiction treatment at Bayside Marin Treatment Center in California

Cocaine abuse and addiction are prevalent problems in the United States, with experts estimating that about 35 million Americans have abused cocaine at least once, and about two million having done so in the past month. Cocaine is the leading illegal drug associated with emergency room visits, with nearly 450,000 annual ER trips linked to cocaine abuse.

Cocaine abuse is associated with a wide range of physical, mental, and socio-economic damage, yet the drug remains perplexingly popular, especially among young adults. Though levels of cocaine abuse have diminished somewhat since the drug’s heyday in the 1970s and 1980s, today cocaine trails only marijuana on the list of most heavily trafficked illegal drugs.

Whether snorted, smoked, or injected, cocaine provides an intense short-term rush via a flood of dopamine (the hormone associated with pleasure) and an impaired ability of the brain to reabsorb that dopamine. Cocaine users are at great risk for developing tolerance and becoming dependent upon the drug. Because cocaine is often abused in binges, the risk of health damage, including death, is significant.

Thankfully, Bayside Marin has developed a residential treatment model that has proved to be highly effective in helping adults overcome cocaine addiction, and any co-occurring disorders with which they are struggling. At Bayside Marin, we integrate time-tested techniques with emerging therapeutic modalities in order to create comprehensive holistic treatment plans that are designed to provide long-term solutions for complex challenges.

From meeting clients’ immediate needs by providing medically supervised detox to helping them achieve long-term success through ongoing recovery support, Bayside Marin is uniquely prepared to provide a full continuum of treatment services for cocaine addiction and related conditions.

How to Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one get treatment for cocaine addiction

Watching a loved one struggle with cocaine addiction can be a wrenching experience. For many people, the despair of watching a loved one endure the pain of addiction is compounded by the belief that they are powerless to provide any meaningful assistance or support. The truth is a bit brighter. You can take action that will make a positive difference in your loved one’s life:

  • Educate yourself. The more you learn about cocaine, cocaine abuse, and cocaine addiction, the better you will be prepared to provide meaningful support. The simple realization that your loved one is suffering from a very real mental health issue (and is not just demonstrating a lack of willpower) can be a valuable first step.
  • Learn about treatment. Depending upon the nature and severity of your loved one’s cocaine addiction, viable treatment options can range from outpatient therapy to enrolling in a residential treatment program. By understanding the scope of services that are available to your loved one, you’ll be in the best position to offer effective advice.
  • Do not judge. People who are struggling with cocaine addiction are not suffering from a lack of morality or character; instead, they are fighting against a particularly insidious disorder. Do not let the symptoms of your loved one’s cocaine addiction distract you from the fact that he or she is being manipulated by a chronic progressive disease
  • Be present (Part I): This advice can be taken two ways. First, maintain an active presence in your loved one’s life. Volunteer to drive him or her to appointments; stay in touch via calls, texts, or emails; and otherwise let him or her know that you are there and you care.
  • Be present (Part II): The second interpretation of “be present” is to focus on today and the short-term successes that can lead to long-term recovery. Do not dwell on past failures or disappointments, and do not look too far down the road. Recovery can be a daunting challenge, which is why “one day at a time” is a common mantra. Be here now, and encourage your loved one to do the same.
  • Remain a constant source of encouragement and support for your loved one at all times. Treatment is an important step, but it is just a step. Be there for the long haul.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for cocaine addiction at Bayside Marin Treatment Center in California

Cocaine can inflict significant damage on the minds and bodies of those who abuse or become addicted to it. Every use of cocaine is accompanied by constricted blood vessels, dilated pupils, raised body temperature, and increased heart rate. Every time a person abuses cocaine, he or she is at risk for experiencing cardiac arrest and respiratory distress, both of which can be fatal. Also, each use also increases a person’s tolerance for the drug, which means that he or she will need to use increasingly larger or more potent doses in order to achieve the euphoric rush that previously resulted from smaller amounts of cocaine.

Of course, the damage associated with cocaine use is hardly limited to the physical dangers associated with each individual use. Long-term cocaine abuse is linked to several distressing outcomes, including paranoid psychosis, auditory and visual hallucinations, and an increased risk for contracting HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and other blood-borne diseases. Long-term cocaine abuse and addiction can wreak havoc on a person’s interpersonal relationships, academic/career progress, financial wellbeing, and legal status.

Types of Treatment

Types of cocaine addiction treatment offered at Bayside Marin Treatment Center in California

Bayside Marin provides world-class treatment for adults, aged 18 and above, who are struggling with cocaine abuse/addiction and co-occurring mental health or behavioral health issues. Bayside Marin is dedicated to providing life-changing care in an atmosphere of comfort, support, and serenity. Our science-based, research-supported treatment model features both time-tested techniques and emerging modalities, blended into comprehensive plans that are customized to meet the unique needs of each client.

When clients choose to heal at Bayside Marin, they enter into active collaboration with a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to helping them identify, address, and ultimately overcome the issues that have been preventing them from living happier and healthier lives. Not content merely to alleviate symptoms, the Bayside treatment team focuses developing effective solutions for the underlying issues that have been the root cause of our clients’ distress.

For example, when a client enters Bayside Marin for cocaine addiction treatment, we will develop a holistic course of treatment that incorporates a variety of therapeutic activities that are designed to address both conditions at their fundamental levels. Recognizing that residential treatment is just one step on the path of long-term recovery, our experts ensure that clients have the skills, strategies, and support to continue their recovery after they have returned home.

The following are some of the many treatment opportunities that may be included in a client’s experience at Bayside Marin. This is not intended as a comprehensive list of all services that are available at Bayside; rather, it is designed to reflect the breadth and depth of options that are available to help our clients meet their treatment goals:

Medical detoxification: Clients who have been unable to stop abusing drugs prior to enrolling in Bayside Marin can complete a safe medical detox on our campus. Medical detoxification services at Bayside Marin begin with a consultation and complete assessment, conducted by either a board-certified medical doctor or nurse practitioner. During detox, clients may be prescribed medication as deemed appropriate to make the process as safe and painless as possible. Round-the-clock supervision and monitoring are provided by experienced professionals throughout the entire detox process.

Medication management: Medication management to help clients who are dealing with cocaine addiction is available when determined to be medically necessary.  Mental health clients at Bayside Marin have regular meetings with a psychiatrist, and have access to nurses at all times to meet any medication-related needs.

Individual therapy: Individual therapy is one of the fundamental treatment experiences at Bayside Marin. All clients meet with their therapist for one-on-one sessions two times each week, with additional sessions available as needed. During individual therapy sessions, clients have the opportunity to evaluate their progress, identify any issues or concerns they have about their treatment, and receive guidance on how best to address personal obstacles or complications that are preventing them from meeting their treatment goals.

Couples and family therapy: Couples therapy and family therapy are forms of group therapy that are available to Bayside Marin clients on an as-needed basis. All Bayside clients work closely with a primary therapist, who will determine the need for couples or family sessions and who can schedule these sessions. Because we understand the impact that addiction and co-occurring conditions can have on families and other close interpersonal relationships, Bayside places a premium on providing services that can help heal this damage.

Family program: In addition to providing family therapy sessions as needed, Bayside has also developed a highly effective family program to help spouses, parents, and others address their own needs and prepare themselves to be sources of ongoing support as their loved one pursues long-term recovery. The Bayside family program is a two-day psychoeducational workshop that is offered twice each month. The family program helps loved ones understand the disease of addiction and recognize how they have been affected by their family member’s disorder, then helps them to develop skills and strategies to address both their personal issues as well as their family member’s struggles. In addition to the education offered during family program weekends, the experience is also an invaluable tool for breaking through the isolation that can often accompany addiction and bonding with others who are having similar struggles within their own families.

Group therapy: Group therapy is another core component of treatment at Bayside Marin. Bayside clients participate in several forms of group therapy on a daily basis, which allows them to reap the many benefits of this type of therapy while also learning a great deal about issues and topics that are important to the healing process. Group therapy participants have the opportunity both to receive and provide support, as well as learn from the experiences of others while also sharing insights that they have developed. Group therapy sessions at Bayside Marin will focus on a variety of topics, including self-help techniques, education about the disease of addiction, relapse prevention tips, treatment planning, continuing care planning, and family support.

Experiential therapy: In contrast to traditional individual and group therapy sessions, which usually focus on discussion, experiential therapy is a more active experience. For example, art therapy and therapeutic gardening allow clients to express themselves and address issues via more creative endeavors, while massage therapy, acupuncture, and meditation are designed to promote mindfulness and the mind-body connection. At Bayside Marin, yoga and Qi Gong are available every day, while other forms of experiential therapy are usually offered on a weekly basis.

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for cocaine addiction

At Bayside Marin, planning for clients’ lives after they complete residential treatment starts on the day they arrive. Because most of the issues and disorders that our clients are dealing with necessitate long-term or lifelong recovery efforts, it is essential that we develop treatment plans with an eye toward how best to maintain and enhance their residential progress when our clients return home.

Bayside clients meet with continuing care coordinators within their first week in treatment, and touch base with them on a regular basis throughout their time with us. By the time they have completed the residential phase of their treatment, all Bayside clients will have comprehensive continuing care plans in place. Depending upon the unique needs of the client, these plans may include referrals to community based resources, appointments with counselors or therapists, participation in local support groups, and other such details. The goal for this intensive planning is to make the transition from residential care to post-residential recovery as seamless and successful as possible.

But the continuing care support provided by Bayside Marin does not end with the development of this plan. For 12 months after their discharge, Bayside clients receive recovery monitoring, life coaching services, and other forms of support to help them build a solid foundation for lifelong recovery. All services during the 12 months of continuing care support are determined and provided on a case-by-case basis, and are customized to reflect the unique strengths and needs of each client.

Why Choose Bayside Marin

Why choose Bayside Marin for cocaine addiction treatment

When clients choose Bayside Marin, they do not just enter a treatment program – they join a healing community that is dedicated to helping them achieve long-term recovery. Residential clients, program alumni, and family members both benefit from and contribute to this vibrant and dynamic community, which extends far beyond the borders of the Bayside campus and which offers a lifelong source of life-affirming support.

The staff cares so much and they work with each client individually. They provided me with the tools to be successful in my cocaine addiction recovery.

– Anonymous Client
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