Bayside Marin’s Treatment Philosophy

We recognize that in treating addiction and co-occurring disorders, we’re doing much more than treating a diagnosis — we are treating people, each with their unique needs, backgrounds and belief systems.

Bayside Marin Clients

Each client at Bayside Marin coordinates closely with their treatment team to develop a recovery program that will work for them and their lifestyle and will support long-term recovery.

Our intention is that clients develop a sober support system that represents a philosophy and structure that makes sense to them. Although the Bayside Model recognizes the effectiveness of 12-Step rehab programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, we do not teach the 12 Steps as part of treatment. We have several onsite 12-Step meetings per week, but we also make the literature available and take clients to other meetings such as LifeRing and SMART Recovery.

Treating Mind, Body & Spirit

The integration of mind, body and spirit makes a whole, healthy individual. Bayside Marin helps clients to heal in all areas of their lives, including their physical health, mental health, employment, relationships, finances, housing and social support systems. Rather than using drugs to self-soothe, we offer holistic alternatives such as yoga, Qigong, and acupuncture, which can be used to cope with stress and drug cravings both during and after treatment.

Change Through Empowerment

We believe that treatment need not be punitive or humiliating, and in fact should be nurturing and healing. In a safe and open environment, you will be encouraged to share your truth, whatever it is.

In addition to helping you change destructive patterns, we take treatment to the next level and ask you to explore your strengths and passions. With a spirit of empowerment, you will be able to re-author your own life.

I really enjoyed my stay and treatment here. I felt safe to practice new coping skills and had the time and the ability to reflect on my emotions, triggers, and old behavior patterns.

– Anonymous Client
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