Our Staff

Candice Lipson, RN, MSN, CNL

Chief Nursing Officer

Candice started her career in healthcare in 2007, after researching her ancestry and discovering that she came from a long line of nurses and healers. Wanting to connect with her roots and find fulfillment giving back to the community, Candice chose to leave her job in accounting management and dedicate herself to the family business.

Working her way through her education, step by step, Candice grew from a Certified Nurse’s Aide, to achieving her Doctorate of Nursing Practice. She also became certified as a Clinical Nurse Leader and in Healthcare Quality and has prior experience as a psychiatric nurse, emergency room nurse, critical care nurse, and many leadership roles throughout her career.

Candice’s professional philosophy is “We are all on the same playing field.” She believes in treating everyone the same, no matter their background, demographics, or differences and that everyone deserves dignity, respect, and high-quality care. Candice is a strong believer and advocate for evidence-based treatment and works daily to ensure that every patient under her supervision receives the best care possible.

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