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Katelyn Vandever, BA, BS, RADT

Outpatient Group Facilitator

Katelyn has been a member of the Bayside team since 2019. Holding dual bachelor’s degrees in nutrition and psychology from Hunter College in New York, Katelyn’s strong educational background speaks to her understanding of both the physical and psychological aspects of patient well-being. 

Guided by the principles of authenticity, personal truth, and growing through challenges, Katelyn has a deep passion for developing her knowledge and skills to better serve her community. It was this great dedication that inspired her to go back to school for her Masters in Social Work, which she is scheduled to complete in Dec of 2023. 

Bayside is Katelyn’s first introduction to the world of addiction treatment, and her studious, empathetic, and determined nature makes her exceptionally fit for her role. Working alongside our many adept clinicians and treatment professionals, Katelyn has learned the delicate art and transformative impact of compassionate, patient-centered care.  

In her spare time, Katelyn enjoys studying improv, riding her bicycle, and spending time with her family. 

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