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Lea Watkins

Yoga for Recovery

Lea discovered Yoga as a personal passion in the 90s and traveled to India where she learned the traditional practice from a living Guru. She brought this transformative experience back to California and, for the last 25 years, has been using her skills to instill a love of movement in others as a Professional Yoga Instructor. 

In her time as both student and teacher, she has studied Yoga in many forms: From vigorous Ashtanga Yoga to softer forms such as Chair and Restorative Yoga. Lea is able to match her students with the style that bests suit their needs and abilities. She even offers Mindfulness and Thai massage for those who may prefer or require a more passive experience.

 Most recently, her own healing in addiction recovery inspired her to study Trauma-Informed Yoga and Somatic therapies, as well as how Yoga can be integrated into 12 Step Recovery. Lea furthered her study by achieving a degree in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Sharing Yoga in the recovery setting is one of the most gratifying aspects of her life today.  It is her hope to make movement and mindfulness a useful and accessible combination to each patient and aid them on their journey back to the self.

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