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Michael Frank

Veteran Outpatient Program Coordinator

Mike Frank’s story is one of resilience and dedication, especially in his role as the Veteran Outpatient Program Coordinator. His personal battle with addiction set him on a path towards health care and addiction recovery, fostering a desire to give back to others what he had so crucially received. This led to his pursuit of a career in Substance Use, driven by his own transformative experiences.

Professionally, Mike has amassed a wealth of experience. Starting his career with us in January 2024, he brought a distinctive mix of military discipline and empathetic counseling. Before joining our team, he spent nearly two years at Azure Acres Recovery Center as a Substance Abuse Counselor/Case Manager, where he developed a deep passion for assisting individuals in understanding and managing their addictions. Mike’s journey to counseling, however, was not linear. His five-year service in the United States Marine Corps profoundly influenced his perspectives and skills, teaching him the difficult but achievable transition from a military life marked by substance use to civilian existence.

Now, in his current role, Mike is motivated by a vision to offer outstanding support to veterans, fostering positive lifestyle choices and coping strategies for everyday challenges. He likens life to a river, encouraging adaptability and resilience in the face of obstacles, and lives by the mantra “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome.” This philosophy isn’t just a saying for him; it’s a fundamental principle he applies in his daily work. Mike’s path reflects the power of personal transformation and the significance of committed service, making him an invaluable resource in his mission to aid and rehabilitate veterans.

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