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Bayside Marin is a premier rehabilitation center dedicated to the treatment of heroin addiction in California. Bayside Marin blends evidence-based treatments with alternative, holistic modalities to comprehensively treat all aspects of our client’s life.

Causes of Withdrawal

Causes of heroin withdrawal

Given the extreme potency of heroin, those who abuse it even just a few times often find themselves addicted to this illicit substance. This drug, which is classified as an opioid, causes users to experience feelings of extreme relaxation and euphoria when it is smoked, snorted, or injected intravenously. These effects are what can keep men and women stuck in the cycle of heroin abuse, as those who abuse this substance do so with the goal of achieving an intense high each time they use.

The longer than an individual abuses heroin, the more likely it is that that person will develop a tolerance for this substance. Tolerance, which means a person’s body has adapted to the presence of heroin, can develop in a short period of time and ultimately requires an individual to use increased amounts of heroin during each use in order to experience the desired effects. With tolerance and increased heroin use comes physical dependence on this perilous substance, which, unfortunately, is why those who stop their abuse of heroin experience withdrawal symptoms as a result.

Heroin withdrawal can be an uncomfortable process that has the ability to drive a person back to using this substance over and over again. It is for this reason that it is important for a person to seek rehabilitation if battling an addiction to heroin.

Signs of Withdrawal

Signs of heroin withdrawal

The signs of withdrawal that can occur when an individual is no longer abusing heroin can differ from one person to the next. Depending on the severity of an individual’s addiction to this substance, the acuteness of the resulting withdrawal symptoms can vary.

The following are telltale signs of heroin withdrawal that are likely to emerge once a person is no longer abusing this substance:

  • Slowed or shallowed breathing
  • Unresponsiveness or lapsing into a coma
  • Fever
  • Runny nose
  • Overpowering cravings for heroin
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Bone pain
  • Hypothermia (or drastically low body temperature)
  • Mood changes, including depression and anxiety
  • Poor appetite
  • Muscle cramping / aches / pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Seizures

If you are experiencing the above symptoms or if you notice that someone in your life is experiencing them, it is important to consider rehab and treatment as soon as possible.

Why Seek Treatment

Why seek treatment for heroin addiction at Bayside Marin in California

Heroin can elicit monumental destruction within a person’s life, and the lingering risk of overdose can lead to a deadly outcome if treatment is not sought. Especially if a person is suffering from withdrawal symptoms when not able to use heroin, seeking treatment is needed in order to break free from the insidious cycle of heroin abuse.

In many cases, heroin withdrawal is enough to send a person spiraling back into the abuse of this drug. Without treatment, the only means of alleviating withdrawal is to resume the use of heroin, which can cause a person to develop an even higher tolerance for it and become more at risk for overdosing. Additionally, and because the process of withdrawal can be detrimental to a person’s health, it is important to seek care that includes interventions that address heroin withdrawal so as to prevent a fatal outcome in that situation as well.

Residential treatment, for example, is one option for care that includes treatment for each stage of recovering from an addiction. This level of care often includes detox services that enable men and women to be supervised by professionals during the withdrawal process so that they can safely transition on to the next phase of their care. In the end, if a person receives residential treatment that incorporates detox, an individual can achieve the sober life he or she deserves.

At Bayside Marin, in California, every facet of even the most complex addictions can be effectively treated. With a staff of dedicated professionals and treatment that is set in a supportive and healing environment, those grappling with a heroin or another type of addiction can finally find freedom from chemical dependency.

If you or an important person in your life would like to learn more about Bayside Marin’s premier rehab center for addictions, please contact us today. A bright, productive, and substance-free future is within reach.

I was so lucky to have gone to this treatment center. Every single staff member, including the chefs, were incredibly helpful in my heroin addiction recovery.

– Anonymous Client
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