Exclusive Addiction Relapse Prevention at Bayside Marin Treatment Center in California

Bayside Marin is a premier rehabilitation center dedicated to the treatment of drug addiction in California. Bayside Marin blends evidence-based treatments with alternative, holistic modalities to comprehensively treat all aspects of our client’s life.

Drug Addiction Relapse Prevention

Learn more about relapse prevention at Bayside Marin in California

Addiction is a devastating disorder, and overcoming this chronic, progressive disease is a tremendous accomplishment. It takes courage for a person to admit that he or she has a problem, strength to get through withdrawal or detox, dedication to complete relapse treatment, and perseverance to walk the path of recovery. Anyone who rises from the depths of addiction and pursues a drug-free future is worthy of respect and admiration.

Unfortunately, addiction is not a disease that can be cured. Instead, individuals who have struggled with addiction must engage in the lifelong process of managing their symptoms in order to remain in recovery. The good news is that effective addiction treatment programs feature experienced professionals who are well prepared to help individuals make the lifestyle changes that will support long-term abstinence from alcohol or other drugs.

Each person who struggles with addiction experiences this disorder in a unique manner and each person who pursues recovery must do so in the way that best reflects and addresses his or her specific strengths, needs, and goals. The most effective treatment centers provide personalized care, with special emphasis on helping those who are in recovery to identify and address the factors that may put them at greatest risk for relapse.

Why People Relapse

Reasons why people relapse from drug addiction

In treatment, people learn that the development of their addiction was likely impacted by a variety of internal and external influences. In a similar manner, a relapse can be the result of a wide range of experiences and events, including but not limited to the following:

  • Overwhelming stress
  • Intense cravings for the substances that one previously abused
  • Job loss or other career-related setbacks
  • Financial difficulties
  • Separation, divorce, and other relationship problems
  • The death of a loved one
  • Major life changes, such as moving or starting a new job
  • Overconfidence, or the misguided belief that one’s recovery will not be threatened by occasional substance abuse
  • Boredom
  • Pressure from friends or family members
  • Attending an event at which drug use is occurring
  • Visiting locations where one previously abused drugs or reconnecting with friends with whom one previously engaged in drug abuse

The events and experiences listed above are just a few of the many situations that can trigger relapse. Preparing to face these and similar challenges can significantly improve a person’s ability to respond in a healthy manner and remain in recovery.

How to Prevent Relapse

How to prevent relapse at Bayside Marin Treatment Center in California

If you have completed treatment at a rehab center and begun to walk the path of long-term recovery, the following are among the simple yet essential steps you can take to ensure that you are prepared to respond in a healthy manner when you encounter the inevitable challenges to your continued recovery:

  • Work with the members of your treatment team to develop a thorough discharge plan, and be sure to follow all recommendations and guidance in this plan.
  • If at all possible, participate in aftercare services, alumni programming, or any other follow-on options that your treatment program provides.
  • Create a personal support network. Get a small group of friends and/or family members who can help monitor your recovery, identify any red flags, and provide other forms of practical and emotional support.
  • Find a 12-step group or another program that will keep you connected with the recovery community. Active participation in support groups will help you remain focused on your recovery goals.
  • Organize your days so that you are not left with empty hours that you may be tempted to fill with drug abuse. Get a hobby, do volunteer work, and find other ways to keep yourself occupied in a productive manner.
  • Practice self-care, and make daily use of the stress management and other coping skills that you learned in treatment. Do not wait for a crisis. Treat yourself with respect, and take proactive steps to maintain your emotional wellbeing.
  • Follow a nutritious diet, get appropriate amounts of exercise, and ensure that you are not neglecting your physical health.
  • Associate with positive and supportive people, and avoid those whose presence may threaten your recovery.
  • If you do relapse, do not despair. This does not mean that you have failed, or that your past efforts have been wasted. If you focus on the fundamental principles that you learned while in treatment, you can prevent a temporary setback from becoming a long-term problem
  • Get help when you need help. You should never feel ashamed to admit that you are struggling. From residential treatment through a few extra sessions with a therapist or counselor, you have many options. Most importantly, you are worth the effort.

For more information about preventing or recovering from relapse, or for answers to any questions that you may have about any aspect our programming, please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you determine if Bayside Marin Treatment Center is the perfect place for you or for your loved one.

I have already recommended this facility to others seeking addiction treatment and will continue to do so. It really is a luxury facility with the best quality of care.

– Anonymous Client
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