Opioid Addiction as an Attachment Disorder

By Michael Roeske, PsyD To an outside observer, the behavior of an opioid addict seems quite bizarre…returning time and again to something that causes so much pain and suffering.  Interestingly, the field of psychology has been wrestling with such things since its beginnings.  In fact, Freud found our tendency to repeat painful experiences extremely problematic as he believed we were essentially pleasure seeking creatures.  Then, in 1920, he finally accepted... Read More

From 12 Steps to 26,000 Feet: Bayside Marin Alum Conquers Nepalese Mountain

One of the most powerful lessons of recovery is discovering that once you’re on the right path, there’s no place you can’t go. In most cases, that lesson is a metaphor. But one Bayside Marin alumnus took the concept a bit more literally. Darren D., who completed treatment at Bayside Marin more than a decade ago, recently summited the eighth highest mountain in the world. Located in the Nepalese Himalayas,... Read More

What does Psychotherapy Research Tell Us?

Recently, when I was consulting with someone on a particularly difficult case, he simply said, “You know, the research says…” Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. Of course, most of the time comments about what “research says” are well-meaning and potentially useful. But every time it happens, or someone bandies about the phrase, “empirically supported treatment,” I feel my stomach cringe and can almost see the conversation collapsing into some sort of... Read More

Love & Hip Hop Star Receives Addiction Treatment at Bayside Marin

Friends of Bayside Marin may have noticed a few familiar sights during the season four finale of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, which aired Oct. 17. Part of the show focused on the progress of Teairra Mari, the singer-songwriter and actress who had entered rehab at Bayside Marin following an intervention that was featured in a previous episode. In the Oct. 17 finale, Teairra discussed her progress during a... Read More

Bayside Marin on the Big Island of Hawaii

Most people travel to Hawaii for pleasure in paradise, our trip to the Big Island was strictly business. It’s a strange thing to hustling from one appointment to the next dressed in business attire when everyone around you is in vacation mode smelling of sunscreen and wearing flip flops. Our previous visits to Hawaii mostly focused on working with First Responder groups throughout the island of Oahu and developing relationships... Read More