Monthly Archives: December 2020


The term “doomscrolling” or the habit of compulsively scrolling through our newsfeed and postings has become a part of the lexicon for 2020. We have become obsessed with reading the many headlines, articles, tweets and comments that focus on negative events such as the pandemic, the election, wildfires, protests and systemic racism. According to San … Read More


When you think of the term “burnout,” what do you think of?  For a lot of us, we apply the term burnout to work-related stress, but the mental drain and overwhelming feelings we might experience can be related to anything that causes us significant mental load.  This “worry work” or “cognitive labor” isn’t physical, but … Read More

Narrative Therapy

What stories do you tell about yourself?  Your life? What has brought you to this point here and now? Are you the central character in your own story?  Or, do others often have the leading role? Narrative therapy uses these questions and more to help us explore the ways we make meaning from the things … Read More


Albert Einstein said, “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” Practitioners of eco therapy would agree with Einstein’s statement. Working with and noticing the patterns in the natural world can teach us a lot about how to maintain wellness, an idea that has been increasingly backed up by research.   As an … Read More