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Psychological First Aid

With the wildfires that have ravaged the West Coast, and the on-going hardship of the Covid-19 pandemic, psychological health and well-being are significant complications of living in such uncertain times.  While psychological first aid is no substitute for therapy or treatment, it can be a way for communities to come together and provide support to … Read More


The term “doomscrolling” or the habit of compulsively scrolling through our newsfeed and postings has become a part of the lexicon for 2020. We have become obsessed with reading the many headlines, articles, tweets and comments that focus on negative events such as the pandemic, the election, wildfires, protests and systemic racism. According to San … Read More


When you think of the term “burnout,” what do you think of?  For a lot of us, we apply the term burnout to work-related stress, but the mental drain and overwhelming feelings we might experience can be related to anything that causes us significant mental load.  This “worry work” or “cognitive labor” isn’t physical, but … Read More

Narrative Therapy

What stories do you tell about yourself?  Your life? What has brought you to this point here and now? Are you the central character in your own story?  Or, do others often have the leading role? Narrative therapy uses these questions and more to help us explore the ways we make meaning from the things … Read More


Albert Einstein said, “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” Practitioners of eco therapy would agree with Einstein’s statement. Working with and noticing the patterns in the natural world can teach us a lot about how to maintain wellness, an idea that has been increasingly backed up by research.   As an … Read More

Empathy Overload

Those who choose a career in psychology or caretaking are often drawn to their work because of their desire to help others, as well as the satisfaction that comes with being able to support people who are experiencing difficult, painful situations. While these careers are many times rewarding, the daily exposure to suffering and stress … Read More

Sober Curious

For some folks, the decision to abstain from alcohol is completely clear . . . there is simply no other alternative.  But what about when an individual’s relationship with drinking isn’t as clear?  According to author Ruby Warrington, being sober curious means “literally to choose, to question, or get curious about every impulse, invitation and … Read More

Healthy Relationships

Oftentimes, when we start recovery, we recognize that there are underlying patterns in relationships that fueled or supported our problematic substance use.  John and Julie Gottman, founders of the Gottman Institute, study relationships and remind us that “no one can provide their partner with everything.  A single person can’t fulfill another’s every need.” This statement … Read More

Accidental Drug Overdoses

According to the Drug Policy Alliance, accidental drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50 years old.  These deaths are largely preventable by increasing awareness, learning to look for the signs of overdose, having medications such as Naloxone available, and recognizing when people are struggling.


It sometimes seems that the world of behavioral health is a mess of letters:  CBT, DBT and EMDR. These acronyms stand for different treatment modalities that are often used during therapy for substance use disorders.   One treatment, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), helps trauma survivors manage intrusive symptoms like flashbacks and disturbing dreams.  In … Read More